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Thread: 9/11 Tapes; Audio/Transcript/Animation

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    9/11 Tapes; Audio/Transcript/Animation

    We tweeted this interesting NY Times piece earlier, showing some audio that was newly released with auto-scroll of the transcript, along with an animation displaying the location of the aircraft at the time of discussion.

    You can hear all kinds of things, from fear in voices, to people not taking it seriously at first, to some just not following what is going on. To me, and not to second guess anyone, I hear how misinformation and confusion traveled fast. There was so much going on, and it seemed that there was no straightforward or clear point of contact for this situation to stream in all the info that was coming in and to action it. That is on both airline and military sides. And I don't blame them. Who could have fathomed a multi-point attack on US soil in such a way? We can only hope that we learned from it and rebuilt our system and methods for the future.

    And conspiracy or debates here. I just wanted to share this. Thanks.
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    Ten years later and still, whenever I see the images or hear audio relating to 9/11, my stomach sinks like it did when I saw the south tower implode taking all of those lives.
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    i was at terminal C at EWR when it all went down, when i flew out that friday lower manhattan was still smoking, 10 years later my heart still aches , in my dreams the towers still stand, then i wake up.
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    Betty Ong showed so much composure. I share Phil's thoughts on the confusion. It was an event that developed very fast. United 93's audio was very chilling.
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    I listened to this last Simply without a doubt the most horrifying thing I've ever heard. Listening to AA 11 and knowing that in just minutes those people would be killed was just something I can't get over. I was just amazed at Betty's professionalism and composure throughout. Anytime I read, watch, or hear anything from that day the very same emotions I felt that day come rushing back.

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    This will be useful for future generations to really get a sense of the emotional context of what happened in the air that day- personally though I don't feel the need to listen to any audio. I feel enough horror anytime I flash back to the moment I saw Flight 175 hit and the CNN guy said "There goes another one...oh no..." The sense of dread I get from remembering those few seconds hasn't diminished after 10 years.

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    I picked up a book two years ago called "Touching History: The Untold Story That Unfolded in the Skies Over America on 9/11." The book recounts how those in the aviation system (commercial/military pilots, FAA, ATC) responded to the unfolding events of that day. A gripping and emotional read.

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    NYT never fails to deliver top tier audio-visual presentations. They're seriously the best at this, and consistently to boot. Glad this was posted.


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