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Thread: CO 1618 EWR-TPA diverted to JFK today

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    CO 1618 EWR-TPA diverted to JFK today

    anyone have any info?
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    From the Aviation Herald:

    A Continental Airlines Boeing 757-200, registration N18112 performing flight CO-1618 from Newark,NJ to Tampa,FL (USA), was climbing out of Newark when the crew reported hydraulic problems and levelled off at 16,000 feet. The crew subsequently diverted to New York's JFK Airport, burned off fuel and landed safely on runway 04L about one hour after departure. The aircraft needed to be towed off the runway.

    A replacement Boeing 757-200 registration N34137 reached Tampa with a delay of 8:20 hours.
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    Must have been pretty bad for them to not be able to return to EWR where they have a large MTC base.

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    traffic two o'clock two miles southbound flight of four C-130s
    COA1632 diverted to KDOV too:
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