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Thread: National Naval Aviation Museum

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    National Naval Aviation Museum

    Hey guys,

    I feel bad, I've been down here in Pensacola for almost a year now and haven't posted any shots of the local airport, NAS or the Naval Aviation Museum. I'm down here for technical training for the navy and am currently awaiting orders to my next duty station. I've taken bundles of photos in the last few months but just haven't gotten around to uploading them. I'll start off with some that I took yesterday at the National Naval Aviation Museum on NASP. Out back, behind the museum they have some great specimens with some interesting history. Sorry about the quality, they were taken with my phone in the back of a moving tram car.

    Starting out with this NASA P-3, though with the wings trimmed like that, it looks more like a modified Electra...?


    P-2 Neptune

    CH-37 Mohave (new one for me)

    PBY Privateer

    This C-9 was the first aircraft to fly after the 9/11 attacks.

    This C-130 was the same one that landed aboard the USS Forestall back in 1963. Video here -

    This one was pretty cool to see. A TC-4 Academe, a modified Gulfstream 1 with the nose of an A-6 strapped to the front. It was designed as a bombardier/navigator trainer for the Intruder.

    Finally, an F-16 painted up as a MiG, used for TOPGUN in the late 80's.

    Thanks for looking! I'll try to post some more photos in the next few days.


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    That is it???? You are such a tease!!!

    We Need More!
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