I flew down to ATL this past weekend for a blog confrence,

5/19 DL FLT# 1634,
B757-200 N709TW Seat 30A Schd Dep 11:20 Actual Dep 11:20 Wheels up 11:34

Pulled out of gate 15 on time, flight was 100% full, taxied right to Rwy 4L paused on the runway for traffic crossing downfield and then off we went. Quick climb up to 38,000 and a straigt smooth flight to ATL, The plane had the new economy plus and the regular coach seats had adjustable headrests. Service was basic Drink and snack, FA was nice when he asked which I wanted Pretzels, Peanuts or Cookies, I said any, so he brought me all 3.
Landed on Rwy 26R at 1:19 and we were at gate T-4 by 1:25

Long walk to the MARTA station then 20min ride to my hotel.

5/22 DL FLT#2086 ATL-LGA
B757-200 N652DL Seat 22F Schd Dep 12:40 Actual Dep 12:45 Wheels up 1:14

When I check into the flight on my iPhone I noticed my seat had been changed from the one I reserved a quick call to Delta resolved it, there was an aircraft change. so I got reassigned 22F from 30B, Once again 100% full flight, board seemed to take longer and be pushed back B-5, 5 min late. Older style seats, still had personal TV. We had a 12 min ground hold before take off. Took off Rwy 27R again smooth straight flight to LGA, basic service diet coke and 2 bags of peanuts.

Landed LGA rwy 22 at 3:03 turned off with 2000 feet left, taxied to our gate at 3:11 and off fairly quickly.

Terminal 3 at JFK sure is showing it age, also the only seating at our departure gate was from the restaurant at the gate area

All and all the flights were good and on time, the service pleasant, One small thing was on the Delta web site and check in page it said there would be food for sale on the flights, there was never any mention of it on either flight by anyone.