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Thread: An Afternoon at LGA (5/5/2011)

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    An Afternoon at LGA (5/5/2011)

    A crazy day spotting at LGA, featuring some go arounds, runway changes, and at least four one geared landings in a row with aircraft landing on 22 in the midst of a major crosswind. Its quite a sight seeing a 757 teetering down the runway. Several aircraft didnt make it down till well down the runway, a DL A320 used almost all of the runway to stop, which I have to admit resulted in me doing some rough guesses about just how far beyond the end of the runway they might go, and if I should switch to all auto mode. Fortunately, they stayed in bounds.

    Comments and feedback are very welcome! And thanks to Brandon and Manny for suggestions and advice that were used today..

    1) This image is for illustration purposes only. Hard to capture what was going on without heat-haze on the runway.

    2) I just realized I never really post CRJs.. Just in case someone is a fan..

    3) One Delta aircraft arrives, while another departs..

    4) I still love the Saabs... working on getting nice effects with the props..

    5) My first capture of this paint scheme... Republic E175

    6) Another first for me.. the Air Tran B737 with Georgia Aquarium Titles

    7) And here it is.. My Daily Dose of Dash-8..

    8) One of the "larger" visitors to LGA today.. Spirit A321 inbound to Runway 31

    9) One of my favorite sights at LGA, an inbound B757. something looks odd in this image to me. Cant quite figure out if its just soft or if the colors are a bit off due to it being taken at sunset. Feedback would be welcome.

    10) Air Canada #1- an E175 inbound.

    11) Air Canada #2-- an A319, which I dont think I have ever seen at LGA before.

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    Chris, thanks for the kind words... these are TERRIFIC captures. I say they are from a bit to a lot underexposed or processed incorrectly. Now, take that with a grain of salt... in the end it is all about TASTE :-) if you like em that way, it is totally fine by me. But in general, they can use a bit less contrast and more midtone/highlight... However, they are sharp, great compositions and nice detail. I will take one example to illustrate my feeling on the exposure (or perhaps they way you processed them)


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    Nice shot on how that DL 757 was coming in...
    Sergio has been a huge Delta Air Lines fan since 1992!!

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    Great stuff, Chris ! I love that Spirit A321
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    Nice set............I spot only once in awhile at LGA, I need to do some more spotting there. Looks like you had some good light as well.
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