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Thread: Stuttgart/Germany April 2011

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    Stuttgart / GERMANY

    Stuttgart/Germany April 2011

    Hi folks,

    Im Jens, an Avation photographer from Stuttgart/Germany and regular visitor to NYC, especially Queens
    Some time ago I have joined NYC-Aviation because JFK and LGA are by far the most frequently visiting airports outside my home-base.

    Today I want to introduce you guys my home airport Stuttgart.
    Its a little airport serving approx. 9 Mio passengers a year, located right in between Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich/Switzerland. From each of the 3 citys its a 2 hours drive by car.

    Besides the regular traffic like Air Berlin, Lufthansa and Germanwings Stuttgart Airport offers a lot of charter traffic, especially to Turkey and destinations in Spain. For instance all possible airlines from Turkey there can be seen here.

    Another great thing of Stuttgart is the fact of holding together with Ramstein the largest US-Military community outside the United States. The AFRICOM and the EUCOM HQs are located here, together with units from US-Army and US-Navy (Navy Seals). Therefore we have a lot of C-17, C5 and C-130 traffic using Stuttgar Airport also for stops from and to operating areas in the Middle East and of course to and from the United States.

    Some days ago our little airport played a major role in delivering pumps to Fukoshima/Japan. The HQs of the Putzmeister company is located some 15 minutes away from the airport. 4 AN-124 from Antonov Design Bureau and Volga-Dnepr had been chartered and flew in to deliver technical equipment for the broken nuclear plants with a fuel stop in Krasnojarsk/Siberia.

    We have currently 1 daily non-stop flight with Delta-Airlines to Atlanta followed by a second flight comming up June 10th with Continental to and from EWR. (Which I have been booked )

    I hope you will enjoy the little selection.
    Feel free to comment and ask at any time.


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    nice set!

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    Great set .. Love the the selection ! Thank you for sharing, Jens !
    Kaz T

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    Good stuff. Looks like lots of variety there.
    Jeremy in Minnesota

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    Sweet! The more international sets I see the more it makes me want to travel out of North America. My continuing updated Aviation Blog My continuing updated photostream from BFI and sometimes SEA


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