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Thread: Air France collision taxing at JFK

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    While landing on 13L this afternoon I was able to snap off a few shots. Here is a shot of the AF 380 sitting behind the triple hangers. In the photo you can see the sissor lift with a couple of guys looking at the damage. Sorry about the quality but my window seat was filty.

    Updated 4/16
    Took a quick ride to see the damage up close. Looks like these guys are hustling to get the bird fixed and flight worthy. (DUE TO POTENTIAL ISSUES I REMOVED THE PHOTOs).
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    Excellent Pictures.
    Did the CRJ crew confirm Clear of Taxitrack, before the controller instructed the A380 to taxi past?.
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    Nice shots Mark!

    The EK 380 that was struck with a catering truck at YYZ was out of action for a week, if I remember correctly.


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