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Thread: Long Flight, Empty Plane....SWEET!!

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    Few years back, quite a few, flew Continental out of Honolulu to Vancouver one of only 38 on board. To this day i cant figure how it was financially viable for the airline to fly with low passeneger numbers but, hey, i aint complaining. There was only 4 of us for the entire rear seating section - it was 'take your pick' time! Being a night flight we all headed for the middle row of 4 and grabbed a few hours sleep. Never seems to happen these days, no matter where i fly in the world world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyby View Post
    Never seems to happen these days, no matter where i fly in the world world.
    I know what ya mean. I couldn't even get lucky enough to have my row empty on an 11pm flight from Philly to Providence. Plane was just about full :(
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    I only had a remotely empty flight once. We coming back from Hawaii, on the leg from LAX to JFK, the plane was quite empty. Unfortunately, I didn't jump on the opportunity to stretch out on the center section of four seats as it was an early morning flight, and every section had a sleeping passenger in it. The majority of window seats on either side were empty so I was able to stretch out there, as well as roam the cabin freely, since this was the third leg of a very long trip ( if you count an earlier flight between the islands)
    On another note, it makes you wonder why the airlines charge exorbitant fares for last minute flights when the planes may be empty. Wouldn't it be better to make some money rather than have an empty seat?

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    Was on a US Airways flight from PHX to SBA. CRJ-900 and there were four of us. One FA for every 2 passengers!!!
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