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Thread: JFK 01-10-2011

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    JFK 01-10-2011

    Hi, everyone!


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    Winter light is gorgeous. Great shots, thanks for sharing!! Good moon shot!
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    Great grabs... As Cathay taxied out I was wondering if someone out there was going to spot her... She looked extra shiney today... Did anyone catch the Delta 757 depart that created the massive plume of brake dust.... I swear it wafed around for about a minute dispersing... It's nice to know I do not have to feel guilty for never having a camera with me.. It seems like every day someone is at JFK to catch it all.. Wish someone was there early this morning to get the C17.... From a distance she looked spectacular from my perspective sitting in the pre dawn glow as she coasted down the glideslope for 31R
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    Lucky grab on the Cathay Asia World City.
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