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Thread: Great Lakes sucks.

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    Great Lakes sucks.

    Greetings once again, guys. Some of you may have known I've been on vacation for the last two months at boot camp in beautiful Great Lakes, Illinois. I've been on liberty for the last few days after graduating, and it sure is strange being able to travel faster than 5mph. Boot camp is as you would expect, a challenge. I'm here until Tuesday, then I fly down to warm and sunny Pensacola for four months, reporting to CID Corry Station to learn how to be a (bigger) nerd. Just checking in for now, and trying to get used to the new site. Can't wait to be able to post some shots of some naval air traffic down in P-Cola!


    p.s. I know we have some sailors on board the site. Who are y'all?

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    Congrats on graduating! They still serving those straight-doughnut "torpedos" in the galley ("TORPEDO FOR THE SHIPMATE!" haha? What was your division/ship?

    I wanna hear more about your experience and how it has changed over the past decade!
    Email me anytime at [email protected].


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