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Thread: Where Were You On 9/11?

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    Unhappy Where Were You On 9/11?

    Where were you on 9/11/01 when the planes struck the pentagon and the twin towers? I was in school at the time when it happened. Music class to be exact. I didnt get the full details untill I got home and watched the news for 2 hrs at the horiffic footage. I still remember how I felt 9 years ago. A very tragic and sad say for america.

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    I was flying in a C172 over eastern Long Island. I flew the Hudson River corridor past the Twin Towers on 9/9. I actually planned to fly the corridor again on 9/11 but woke up late. When I returned to the FBO just before 10, the TV was on as one of the towers had just collapsed.
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    I was in the 6th grade. Late for school and teachers were talking about it but had no idea what they were talking about. School said if parents wanted to keep us home the next day it was ok. I woke up late again so just used it as an excuse sadly. My continuing updated Aviation Blog My continuing updated photostream from BFI and sometimes SEA

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    I was working on a customers house and watching her new big screen TV. When the news cut in and the announcer said a small plane had flown into the tower, i sat there in amazement! I then sat there for the remainder of that horrible day. My daughter is a nurse, her and her other friends who were nurses were scheduled to fly to Greese that day for vacation. When i saw the airliner fly into the towers, i immediately thought of them. I tried calling her, but as you all know, cell phone lines were all busy. Later on that day I learned that she haden't taken off yet mutch to my relief. For the next 2 weeks my daughter and her friends volunteered to go to St. Vincent hospital and set up a triage unit. HOwever, since there were no survivors there was no triage. They had them picking up body parts instead. She doesn't talk about it, but i can only imagine how hard it was!. Her husbands brother was FDNY and was killed that day. So that's where I was, in limbo like the rest of the country!

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    Sitting on my couch in Philadelphia drinking coffee, watching CNN when the first report of a fire at the WTC came in. Then it was, "a plane collision". Then they showed the first live video. Took one look at the nearly wings-level impact zone on 1 World Trade and said to my wife, "that looks intentional". Five minutes later 175 hit. I remember thinking at that exact moment, "they got footage of the plane going in???" It didn't dawn on me that I had just seen a live, second crash and not a replay of the first one until the CNN anchor said "There goes another one. Oh, no..."

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    I was working when I got the original phone call, but what I remember most was watching the channel 11 morning news at about 7 am. As I was lacing up my work boots, they were doing the traffic report from their helicopter, then switched to the weather. As the chopper threw it to the weather anchor, they commented on what great visibility there was and how it was a beautiful day it was for flying. Unfortunately as the first plane came down from around Albany, I bet those towers were in view from more than fifty miles out, if not more......

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    Around here and near there.
    In Economics class beginning of 10th grade about 5 miles from President Bush watching the TV in the class waiting for the presidents events down the road at Booker Elem. to start. The clipped to the image of the first tower and for about 30 seconds I thought bad electrical fire. Than they came around to the other side with a hole and I knew it was a jet and somthing big. The second thought that occured was that it was VFR. This wasnt going to be like the time the bomber flew into the side of the Empire State Building. By the time the second plane hit all 30 of us in class including the teacher were glued to this. Being the flying guy and the New Yorker everyone was asking all sorts of questions. When the UA 762 hit, I buckled. Before it hit I was already trying to get in touch w my stepfather to make sure he was not in Manhattan that day. (he wasnt) I have very few clear memories after that moment on that day. More likely enduced by panic because I couldnt reach my family in New York but later that afternoon my stepdad sent me pictures from our house and out to the west across Renyolds Channel all you can see is the tremendous plume of smoke. That weekend I was scheduled to fly to NY and never got there. Not untill Christmas week at least. We drove and crossing the Verizanno Narrows that afternoon was one of the most heart breaking moments of my life to this day.
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    I was in midtown Manhattan and watched the second plane hit from the top of the 14 story building I was working at. Long story and a long walk home. Give me a few beers and I will go into details
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    I was at my work desk and received a call from a colleague that was going to Logan to fly to SFO. She was in a panic about it so we got hold of a TV and watched the rest of it unfold with the second attack and the Pentagon.

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    I was actually still in bed. My son was on his way to college & called & told me I needed to turn the tv on. The rest is history. Went to work only to be sent home around 1900 as there was nothing to do.

    My son & I flew to Cle & back on 9/9/01 to see a ball game. For me this was the last day flying was fun.
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    i was at jfk working in term 4 working the gates, boarding a nw dc9 to detroit , we got a call from operations to stop boarding.....

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    I was in Slidell, LA, getting ready for school during my high school freshmen year. Came in, saw the tower smoking, and got my mom into the room. She went into the kitchen to do something when the second plane hit, I saw it live. That was really the last footage I saw until first period. By then, both towers were down. Spent the rest of the day in each class clued to the TV.

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    I had just finished with my 8am patients in the VA hospital residency program. The Vets, I'll never forget, in the waiting room, had already called it a terrorist attack before the 2nd plane hit.

    One it was realized we were under attack, the hospital grounds went into full lockdown. No in or outbound movement.

    For a moment, I thought "who would want to attack these old Vets?" We're safe here. How wrong was I.
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    In work on the Upper East Side. Was actually listening to Howard Stern when it happened. His show that day was amazing and reassuring. Took to the street a number of times. Once to a bar across the street to check out the news reports on TV where I got my first look of TV footage!! WOW!! From Lexington Ave you could see the smoke. A walk up to the Queensboro Bridge and the exodus of people into Queens with fighter jets roaring overhead was surreal. Rumors of more jets inbound to Manhattan and car bombs going off downtown ran rampant. Finally left work at 2:30, train to 42st (last stop) walk to Penn Station, people with blank looks on their faces. Finally home by 5:30 and so happy to see my family. That night I remember going out to the front of my house and looking up to see a plane, a Cessna type, slowly cruising overhead about 2000 feet westbound. With all air traffic grounded I wondered who was aboard that aircraft!!
    Last Saturday morning I started watching coverage of the ceremonies. Thought maybe it wouldnt be so bad, nine years and all. WRONG!! Still as emotional as ever!!
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    I was at home on my computer when the first plane hit, and someone said to me "a plane hit the world trade center". I said 'really?' and when the answer came in the affirmative I ran to the TV just before the 2nd plane hit (although I happened to look away from the screen for that moment). I watched the rest of it unfold from my living room and was the shoreline which was two blocks from where I lived.

    I can't believe it's been 9 years. Today it's still to relevant in our lives, and so present in our minds that it feels like it was much more recent than that. The anniversaries are never very easy.
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