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Thread: Roaming Around Whitestone (14 pics)

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    Roaming Around Whitestone (14 pics)

    The lady and I decided to go for an urban hike today. Both of our cars went mechanical, so we slung on some cameras and went through Whitestone to take it all in. (these photos are both by me and Mel)

    The back of my favorite gas station...which actually has an impressive beer selection, and are incredibly friendly...

    And this is where that station is...

    This is where I go to play handball whenever I get a chance...

    Gelato choices at La Dolce Via, a frozen bakery on 150th Street. Some amazing flavors, and a great cafe-style place to hang out with outdoor seating...

    She's enjoying rainbow cookie and mixed berry gelato. Note her R-strap, which is an incredibly comfortable and adjustable way to carry a camera...

    SkyTypers were out in force, urging people to buy US Open tickets...

    This amazing truck was parked behind a Dunkin Donuts. Vintage Growler!

    Old Glory in all her glory...

    The new Lemon Ice King of Whitestone. Huh? No outdoor serving.


    Some guy that begged us to take a photo of him as we passed, who then told us to not show the cops. Annoying, but here are your 15 minutes, buddy...

    Hidden away in Whitestone is an armory, where some NY State Guard hangs out with a bunch of humvees. It used to be part of Fort Totten...

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    Yay, fun! I highly, highly recommend a visit to La Dolce Via to those of you who haven't been. They were so friendly and the gelato is outta this world.

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    that truck is pretty awesome!
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