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Thread: Hits Just Keep on Coming from the VA

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    Hits Just Keep on Coming from the VA Wayne Irelan re-enlisted in the Army National Guard after September 11th. He was severely injured in Iraq and awarded the Purple Heart. But now his second amendment rights have been taken away. "I really feel betrayed," Sgt. Irelan told 5NEWS. A year ago the Irelan's began receiving a small stipend from Veterans Affairs because Lana had to take over the family's finances."How many husbands do you know in America that pay the bills? There's not very many," Lana Irelan told 5NEWS.The V.A. declared Wayne Irelan incompetent and now his right to own a gun is gone. "It's wrong. Laws need to be changed. They need to look at individuals and not stereotype them as some sort of mad man," Sgt. Irelan said. Irelan has post traumatic stress disorder from the Iraq war, but his wife says he has never been violent. Lana Irelan told 5NEWS his diagnosis is not a legitimate reason for his gun rights to be taken away.
    not enough that our vets are mistreated and forgotten by the VA, no the thier constitutional rights are in jeopardy...
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    Just another lib move. Soon we will be England without a queen.
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