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Thread: Greetings from Arizona

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    Greetings from Arizona

    Hello all this is my first post to your awesome website and forum. My name is Jason Bong and I am avid Aviation Guru. If it flys I am very happy. I have not been taking photos of my spotting adventures till my wife bought me my first DSLR. Of course it was a NIKON. I have a D3000 and I love it. I am looking to upgrade to the D90 here in the next couple weeks.

    I live in Goodyear AZ, hoem of Aero Turbine and close to Luke AFB. We will hopefully be having the F-35 training grounds out here. Going back to my past I have always loved Aviation back when I was 5-6 yrs old when I made my second trip to live in Germany. My father was in the Army. We were heading over seas on a Pam Am 747 and I remember the captain letting me sit in his chair.

    Well I am the Chief Editor and Photographer of a site called and we are a resourse for other spotters that are planning a trip to KPHX and the surrounding areas. We are in the middle of uploading detailed maps and locations for them to use on there IPhone and other devices. At the moment ther is only 2 other photographers that share their work. but if you take a look at the site its just me. In the next couple weeks I will be making a trip down to KJFK and a couple other places for some spotting and look forward to talking with you. BTW love all your photos.

    Jason Bong

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    Welcome aboard Jason! Looking forward to some picture from Luke!!
    Mark Lawrence - KFLL
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    Welcome to NYCA Jason!

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    My car and I got sandblasted by an F-16 on approach one day when I was off the side of the road watching KC-135s do some approaches. The F-16 got too slow and started to fall when he gunned the burners and yanked up. He cleared my car by about 10 feet and after I ducked I was thrown into the door (only about 6 inches but hit hard) I was stoned and sandblasted but my car had took the brunt of the event. It had lots of chips and knicks from the rocks and sand blasting. My heart did not slow down for an hour! that was about 15 years ago and I remember it like yesterday.

    I am sorry to say that Chandler is gone as there were lots of old DC-4's and DC-6's....I love going to Goodyear

    and will drop you a line when out visiting my parents (Glendale)
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    Awesome Pic. Yes that sounds Awesome.

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    Welcome Jason!!!
    Email me anytime at [email protected].


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