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Thread: Insanely Low Saudi Arabian 747 Departure!

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    Insanely Low Saudi Arabian 747 Departure!

    Hey guys,

    was just doing a bit of random browsing on YouTube and came across some pretty shocking footage of a Saudi Arabian 747-300 (HZ-AIK, apparently) performing what seems to have been an extremely late take-off from Dhaka's Shahjalal International Airport.
    The title of the YouTube clip suggests that the aircraft was sufficiently low to cause damage to the approach lights, and while this damage is not clearly visible in the video, it does not seem all that implausible, judging by the aircraft's apparent altitude. I did a quick search on Avherald and found no further information regarding the incident.

    In any case, it is pretty amazing footage! Certainly gives even the lowest Maho Beach departures a run for their money...

    -Omar S.

    PS: I feel like somebody in the community might be able to offer details about this, so feel free to re-post it in their civil aviation forum. I would have, but my membership expired about three years ago. HA.
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