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    As some of you may know already I'm about begin a new stage in my life, college. Today I am headed down to Washington D.C. and I move in on Monday. I will be studying International Affairs at the Elliot School of International Affairs at The George Washington University.

    I'm sure I will still frequent the forum and post news related items when I come across them. I also hope to be posting at least a few different spotting trips worth of pictures from IAD and DCA. I'll be back in New York for a day in September for UN Week, who can let education get in the way of such an opportunity, right? And I will also be back for Thanksgiving and Christmas break in which I hope to spend a day or two down at JFK.

    I just wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude to the memebrs of this forum who have helped me grow as an aviation enthusiast and an aviation photographer over the past five years, especially to Phil and Matt for putting together such a great site and to Mel for teaching me how to use Photoshop! It has really been pleasure and I look forward to the future of the site.

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    Good luck, Gordon! I wish you well in college - study hard, but make sure you have some fun along the way. It's been a pleasure spotting with you - and your dad - at least there was one other guy in my age group! I'm looking forward to seeing some shots from IAD and DCA. In addition to spotting, I think DC is an exceptional place for photography in general, so many incredible sights.

    Again, good luck!

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    Best of luck with the move and the studies Gordon! I'm sure it will be a very interesting time and look forward to seeing the pictures you are able to get there!
    Mark Lawrence - KFLL
    Davie, FL

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    Good Luck Gordon and take advantage of every opportunity college has to offer.

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    Good lucky buddy! Wanna hear all about it!
    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Gordon, congrats and all the best in this next step of your life.

    Work hard and play hard.

    And I, I took the path less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference......yet...
    I have a feeling a handle of people are going to be very interested in what I post in the near future.


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