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Thread: Battle at JFK Heats up!

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    Battle at JFK Heats up!

    Looks like AA/BA/IB aren't sitting still after DL annouced their plans at JFK. The three are now considering moving the One World Carriers to T8. The article mentions this would mean expanding T8 which is certainly fesiable considering the large empty ramp space where the old T8 stood and the fact AA scaled down the T8 project from its orginal design. This could be a huge boom for the economy with both AA and DL constructing large scale terminals. Nice to see some good news on this front finally.

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    Wow....... JFK is about to go back to war it looks like. The old battle of the 90's is back..... Here come the super fortresses again....
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    Interesting. BA announced their own major terminal renovation not too long ago...did they start working on that yet?

    Also, how many more gates would they need at T8?
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