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Thread: kheed to Preserve F-22 Tooling for Future Use

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    Lockheed to Preserve F-22 Tooling for Future Use

    from FlightGlobal:

    SOURCE:Flight International
    Lockheed to preserve F-22 tooling for future use
    By Stephen Trimble

    Lockheed Martin confirms the US Air Force has decided to retain tooling for the F-22 after the production line in Marietta, Georgia, shuts down as scheduled in 2012.

    The decision means that USAF officials will be able to repair and modernise the service's aircraft, or manufacture new Raptors.

    Lockheed says tools with "near-term needs" will be retained on site. Others will be preserved and stored in large, bar-coded steel containers commonly used by the shipping industry, which it says reduces "costs associated with conventional warehousing".

    Air force officials were not immediately available to comment, but have previously said that a decision to preserve F-22 tooling would be intended to support a future service life-extension programme for the stealth fighter.

    i never understood why companies will discard or take apart any toolings and rigs or any other sort of equipment used to make thier products.
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    Re: Lockheed to Preserve F-22 Tooling for Future Use

    I think there are several reasons why they destroy the tooling.

    1) cost with storing them, especially if they are no longer making $ with the plane

    2) fear of spy's or theft of the tooling (I believe this happened with the AVRO Arrow)


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