Hi everyone. My grandfather passed away on Sunday morning so I had to rush down to West Palm Beach to meet up with my family down there. I know this trip wasn't for leisure but I did have to travel so I figured I would post flight details and trip info.

Sunday July 25, 2010:
Delta 487
Departed: New York-LaGuardia 3:10 PM (Actual 5:35ish PM) Gate 9
Arrived: West Palm Beach, FL 6:12 PM (Actual just after 8 PM) Gate C4
Airbus A319

So I arrived at LGA around 1:15 PM and parked in the Long Term Lot (Expensive I know but I wasn't thinking clearly). I decided to walk to the Delta Terminal since exercise is definitely something I could use to clear my head. I entered the terminal on the Baggage Claim level and walked up to the ticketing level to get my boarding pass. Security was rather easy and I went to Gate 9. I was originally assigned Seat 6B but kept checking back to see if I could get a window instead. At the last minute, 21A opened up so I took it. We boarded on time and I took my seat on the plane. This is my first trip on the new Delta since the NW brand was folded into DL. Obviously the A319 was an ex-NWA aircraft. The seats were retrofitted to DL seats, but the display of the rows for the a/c seats are still different to the pre-merger DL fleet. The flight was totally full. Just as we took our seats a storm blew in and we tried to rush out but did not work. We had about five opportunities to take off but only one worked. We sat on the tarmac for about two hours at the end of runway 4. Just after the captain mentioned the federal law about tarmac hold limits we were cleared for take off and departed LGA. Once airborne, the beverage service began and they gave out the whole can of soda to everyone. The flight was uneventful and we landed runway 28R at PBI and taxied to gate C4. My brother and father picked me up at the airport and we drove to Boca Raton where my grandmother has a house (I live with her in NY though. She does not occupy the house anymore.)

Wednesday July 28, 2010
Delta 2534
Departed: West Palm Beach, FL at 3:55 PM (On time departure) Gate C2
Arrived: New York-LaGuardia at 6:45 PM (Actual 6:40 PM) Gate 10
Airbus A319
This flight was nowhere near full. We boarded on time and pushed on time as well. We taxied around the airport to runway 10L since there were some taxiway closures and departed to the east and continued on an easterly course for about 20 minutes before turning to the north. Beverage service was typical, though I got the whole can of Sprite so that was nice. We began our descent just south of PHL and continued in for a typical Hudson River approach to Runway 22. We had a brief taxi to gate 10 and I made my way back to the parking lot paid my $90 and went home.