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Thread: EWR, PVG and HKG, June/July 2010

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    EWR, PVG and HKG, June/July 2010

    Here are some photos from my trip to China. My routing was EWR-ORD-PVG-HKG-JFK using AA (MD-80, 777) and CX (777-300ER). The photos were taken from the terminal and the condition was very hazy in PVG. Sorry for the low quality.

    First EWR, I was lucky to get 2 CO Star Alliance

    Mid-day arrival of NH 77w from NRT

    followed by the smallest jet in the NH fleet

    Some local local airlines in China. The new ones with the IAE engines are assembled in China from parts delivered from Europe

    More established local carrier

    We don't see this MU-340 here...

    Other Asian visitors to PVG

    PVG Cargo ramp

    HK Ramp scene --
    Too bad I could only get this shot from the back

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    Re: EWR, PVG and HKG, June/July 2010

    Nice collection of rare Chinese airbuses. :) Though it doesn't seem like aircraft cleaning is the top of those airlines' priorities. :lol:


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