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Thread: Tasteless Banner in Home Depot Farmingdale

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    Re: Tasteless Banner in Home Depot Farmingdale

    I don't know if this warrants outrage. It looks like someone is a bit of a dope. Take the burning plane off the banner & it's not a big deal.

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    Re: Tasteless Banner in Home Depot Farmingdale

    I agree. I don't think anyone is "outraged". As the original post says...stupid and tasteless...very accurate.
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    Re: Tasteless Banner in Home Depot Farmingdale

    Quote Originally Posted by Fighting_falcon_51
    Seems like a lot of people disagree with T-bird on this one. Here is my comment because I doubt it'll get approved:
    Eh trust me I don't care if people agree with me or not...most of the comments that involve uneducated rubbish is just that and doesn't warrant response, in fact I feel bad for those people. The one common thing I've read from these loons is..."why do I give a damn?" and "who is this observant in life?" I think to answer that the second is more relevant to me...part of my professional career is to be observant and correct things that are not right. The other why I give a damn is because I do...Phil and Mario know me a long time and knows how out spoken I can be, I also know that Phil and Mario are out spoken which is probably why we get along. However I'd rather know someone who is outspoken and can speak their mind in an intelligent manner vs. someone who chooses to be blind to things in life....those are the kind of people who let others walk the innocent into gas chambers.


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