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Thread: Finnair A340 to JFK on November 11th

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    Finnair A340 to JFK on November 11th

    Finnair will operate the A340-300 on AY5/6 on November 11, 2010 as a one-off sub for the regular A330-300. I realize this is quite a few months away but it's something to put down in the calendars.

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    Re: Finnair A340 to JFK on November 11th

    Gordon: just a curiosity question -- given this is several month away, and it's a one-off substitution, do you have any experience as how accurate this will be eventually?

    Looking at the seat maps of AY's 330 and 340, they are very similar; which excludes the possibility of swithcing equipment because of capacity reasons. I would guess that the likely cause of the switching is some kind of maintanence that require the 330 to be down by one day; and the 340 happens to be available.


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