Hi, I just returned from 2 weeks of business trip to Zurich and London. I will post spotting pictures at each city and a trip report. First Zurich. I stayed at a hotel in a small town called Opfikon, it's a suburb of Zurich. The hotel is under the flight path of RWY 34. On weekends ZRH uses 34 for landing from 6 to 9. I was jet lagged so I got up very early and found a nice spot in a park. The effect is similar to our Mound; but I can sit a bench and all the noise surrounding me was birds' singing and occasional jet roaring overhead. Such a nice place! Onto the photos:

SQ's daily arrival at around 7:30.

Hello is a Swiss holiday charter company and has 3 MD-90 in its fleet. This morning HB-JIF was caught on camera.

Iberworld A-320 arriving with another load of vacationers returning to ZRH

Greek charter

LX has 2 special scheme ARJ, I was lucky to get them both.

Plus the standard color ARJ

Darwin Air operates a Saab-2000 between Lugano and ZRH. This is the first arrival of the day at around 8:15 am on Sunday

Another type that's harder and harder to find is the Fokker-100. Helvetic has a fleet 6 Fokker 100.

Next stop, ZRH observation deck!