Off to LA for a trade show in Anaheim. Up at 6AM, out the door by 6:30, at JFK by 7:15AM. Even though UA has copay for mileage upgrades on certain fares, I was able to use on line check in and pay, then get my boarding pass for 8D.

The premium security lines were the only ones open in T7 this morning--pretty crowded but moving. I noticed the conveyor at the end of the checkpoint is very short, and there was a logjam of baggage coming out of the Xray. All in all it did move well, however, and within 5 minutes I was on my way to the Red Carpet Club.

I must say in planning this trip, it was not difficult to redeem UA miles yet credit the trip to CO...and my CO Platinum number comes up merely *Gold...which as I found out later puts me only in the middle of the pecking order....but still not bad.

Once in the club, I was recognized by one of the agents I had not seen in a couple of years, and we had a nice chat. A juice and coffee later, off to gate 10. UA reserves the red carpet for First, Global, Business, and 1K. I did not see Star Gold included but it is possible they go right after 1K.

Once on board, I was greeted by an excellent crew, and they had a greeting for me from my friend who is a UA First Officer. He called ahead and asked them to look after me, and they have...very thank you Julie and Terry! While waiting for the lav we had a very interesting conversation about the airline business....very pleasant and we all agreed that change is coming to the business as we know lady started with Eastern, so we shared some fond memories of EA...

JFK must be preparing for the closure of 31L as they were departing 22R AND 31R. I don't remember last time I saw departures from 31R... but within 15 minutes we were airborne, and used the north departure .. so basically flew east then north over Long Island--it's a GAYEL departure, which is normal for SFO but less so for LAX. I waved at JoAnn as we flew a little west of our house before turning northwest.

Breakfast was a choice of scrambled eggs with spicy potatos, french toast or the basic fruit salad. I had the eggs, and must say the potatoes packed quite a wallop. After breakfast watched a movie on the UA personal entertainment unit--not many good choices...decided to wait to watch Paranormal Activity until the ride home.

As I write this we are 40,000 feet over the midwest, approaching Colorado if not already there....We are talking to Denver Center and it looks like we have about 2 hours to go in the flight.

More to follow.... I DO like this GOGO!!

ADDENDUM--the rest of the flight was just fine--I continued my nice chat with the flight attendants, and we arrived about 40 minutes early into LAX....boy I do like channel 9!!!!

Thanks UA for a nice trip..I am now here in Anaheim and getting ready to go to work!