I'm having difficulties with trying to burn DVD movies from my pc and playing them in my Blu-Ray player.

I'm using a Sony DVD RW DRU-840A burner, win XP, SP3. I'm also using DVD Shrink 3.2. I burnt a successful DVD the other day that plays in my Blu-Ray with fantastic quality. I'm using TDK +R media as well.

I've burnt four of the same DVD's and they will not play in the player. It's telling me "no play". When I put the disc in the PC, it plays with Media Player and DVD Shrink with no problems. I've encountered this situation with other discs that I've burnt but can't figure out how to correct the problem.

I downloaded another program called ImgBurn and tried it again, same results, plays in the PC, not in the DVD (Blu-Ray). Does anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone encountered this type of problem?