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Thread: Super Bowl

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    Super Bowl

    Congrats to the New orleans Saints ---Way to go!! I was wondering- how do the powers that be determine whatunits/ squadron will do the pregame fly by (presuming of course more than on unit is in the area)

    Ken :mrgreen:

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    Re: Super Bowl

    Awesome and well balanced game overall. I hate blowouts and that was just entertaining!

    Was pushing for the Saints and loved how their coach was doing some pretty unexpected moves. And that golden intercept to seal the deal? Priceless!

    And Peyton and his men also were valiant. Just a good [email protected]!
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    Re: Super Bowl

    Being I had no interest in who won/lost, I must say that was a very entertaining game. Credit where credit is due, that on-side kick to start the second half was brilliant. Caught the Colts off guard and kept Payton sitting on the sidelines even longer. I'm with Mario, that I'm glad it wasn't a blow out, it actually kept my attention the entire game.


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