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Thread: Hello from Holland

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    Hello from Holland

    Good afternoon everybody,

    I am new on this forum. Great to see a site like this. Lot off helpfull information! My name is Davy Nelissen and I am a airline geek for about 15 years now :D Like to go out, making trips to spots around the world. My home airport is Maastricht in the south off the Netherlands, a little airport with some nice traffic, normally not the bussiest place Bigger airports around are Duesseldorf, Amsterdam and Brussels.
    I will visit New York from the 10th untill the 17th off april. Looking forward to visit JFK and the other airports around.
    Keep up the good work, see you

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    Re: Hello from Holland

    Hi Davy! Glad to have you! I'm a big fan of the -146, you're in good company.
    Email me anytime at [email protected].

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    Re: Hello from Holland

    Welcome! I like Bae-146s a lot too, but only gotten to see two in my life (boooooo!) :mrgreen: even though I've been an airplane nerd for as long as I can remember!

    Do you take pictures at your local airports? If so, feel free to share them. There's a great group of guys at NYC, you'll have a great time :borat:


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