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Thread: 707 at isp??

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    Re: 707 at isp??

    I saw 707Jt at LAX ,in January 08,I was at the old Imperial terminal,when she rotated right in front of us, and banked away streaming smoke,that JT3 scream/roar washing over us,man talk about presence ! An A320 has nothing on that !
    The beehive hummm of the JT9D and GE CF680C2,the thunder of the JT8D-17,the rumble of the PW1830 and the high ,thin whine of the PW 545A are all music to my ears!

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    Re: 707 at isp??

    You can say that again. The only other planes that have a presence are the DC-9's, Mad Dogs, and the 747 classics (100 and 200). Anyway where is the leak?


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