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Thread: JFK 1/26/10

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    JFK 1/26/10

    A decent day. I dont have many shots today only cause I went after the Komen 772 that was sitting at H11 today. One Komen down 2 to go. Also saw a DAL 738 without wingtips today for those of u searching for them.

    Again I got the head on this shot.

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    Re: JFK 1/26/10

    Ok, I have to ask. I am new here, but share your love for these planes, their markings, and all of these AMAZING photos, but how on earth do you get them? Are you airport employees? Do you have a secret spot that allows you to get these amazing shots?

    I sit by ISP and take pictures over the fence, but get nothing like you you do. Thanks.

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    Re: JFK 1/26/10

    Yea I work on the AOA. Thats the only way you can get shots like these. Also dodging the PAPD, customs and Port doing so. Its a gamble put pays off.


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