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Thread: 3-D versions of Lord of the Rings & the Matrix

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    3-D versions of Lord of the Rings & the Matrix

    Oh yes, 3-D versions of Lord of the Rings & the Matrix at the 3-D IMAX, I would spend some money to see that Plus if I know Peter Jackson, he would add some special scenes to the Lord of the Rings...... ... 982297.ece

    Hollywood is preparing to re-release some past hits, including Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings trilogy, in 3-D following the record-breaking success of Avatar.

    Studio executives are drawing up schedules of popular films that will be “retro-fitted” with 3-D technology after the science fiction blockbuster, directed by James Cameron, last week became the second highest grossing movie of all time.

    A 3-D version of Avatar has driven ticket sales to more than $1.14 billion (£700m) in just three weeks; only Titanic, Cameron’s 1997 epic, has made more money at the box office.

    Rival studios had been waiting to see if Avatar took the 3-D experience — albeit using special glasses — beyond the popularity of animated tales such Monsters vs Aliens.
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    Re: 3-D versions of Lord of the Rings & the Matrix

    Probably spectacular I am sure; good sign if Peter Jackson is involved. I can't really watch 3D or Imax etc for too long though.. maybe an hour; makes my eyes feel tired.

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    Re: 3-D versions of Lord of the Rings & the Matrix

    Hell yes! I hope they do the LOTR in succession like they did on some days after Return of the King came out. I spent nearly 14 in the theater and it was friggen awesome!
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