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Thread: Blizzard 09

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    Blizzard 09

    its amazing what you can do with a ziplock bag :mrgreen: most of these are a time lapse showing how bad it got.

    Nice catch shortly after the snow started falling

    That whole view where United parks is now a sheet of ice

    yesh look at how hard its comming down. Can barely see UA 757.

    Thanks to the pilots on this Open Skies flight that went nowhere.

    Left T7 only to return later

    Ziplock off, 747-200 freighter cockpit shots on. N485EV

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    Re: Blizzard 09

    Thanks for the storm pics. I was hoping someone would put some up.

    Not a flake in ALB :-(

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    Re: Blizzard 09

    it was bad. still getting the wind from that storm. and i've gotten some massive ot


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