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Thread: a hello from Austria

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    a hello from Austria

    Hello there fellow aviation-enthusiasts

    registered a while back at this forum and just want to intruduce myself to you as I want to transform from a silent reader to an active poster ;)

    just a few words about myself: I'm 28years of age and interessted in planes as long as I can remember. I'm working at the cargo department of an austrian airline at the Vienna airport. Sadly I usualy don't see any planes during my workinghours so I decided to start with planespotting/photography last year. My primary "huntingground" is the Vienna Airport but I also going to visit german airports as Munich and Frankfurt a few times a year as the vienna airport isn't very rich in therms of wide-body aircrafts or cargo-planes in which I'm most interessted.

    I am going to visit New York next summer and while I'm there I also planing to spend one or two days at JFK or LaGuardia to satisfy my planespotting addiction :mrgreen: . although the planespotting guides on your homepage are very very usefull and informative, I maybe have one or two questions which I hope I can ask you guys.

    thats it for now ... hope to have some great chats with you guys and maybe meet some of you next year during my visit ;)

    best regards and a happy "Servus" from Austria


    p.s.: hope my english isn't that bad to read - usually I'm a better reader than writter :mrgreen:

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    Re: a hello from Austria

    Welcome to the site Peter!! Please keep in touch before your trip. Pleasure to have you.
    Email me anytime at [email protected].


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