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Thread: Delta Investing in A330 Fleet, 787 Uncertain

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    Delta Investing in A330 Fleet, 787 Uncertain

    Word on the street is we have secured an additional Airbus A330 simulator for the Minneapolis training center. Based on the information we've been provided this simulator is currently in Manchester, UK (probably used by BMI at one point) and will be moved to the MSP site very shortly. This bodes well for the future of the MSP site and suggests Delta will remain committed to the MAC agreement at least until 2016 when the agreement expires. Part of the MAC agreement mandates that any additional Airbus simulators be housed at the MSP site.

    The future of the 787 in the Delta fleet is uncertain, however. Boeing (Alteon) is currently in the process of moving the Boeing 787 simulator they were housing in Minneapolis to Japan for use with ANA.

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    Re: Delta Investing in A330 Fleet, 787 Uncertain

    I am actually pretty happy that they are going to stick with the 330 over the 787. The 330 is a sure fire product proven over a 787 which is having big problems with it's design. Delta is strong, lets keep it that way.
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