Hi all... First trip report here, routing per the title on an overnight trip to CMH to attend one day
of a convention I'd been planning for since last year... For clarity, I was on leave in south Jersey
which is the reason for using PHL vice my adopted home airport of STL out here.

US3761/CRJ-200/N445AW/Air Whiskey
Up at 0415, and on the road by 0445 in order to get parked in the economy lot and bus to the terminal
at PHL. Check in went quickly and without problem (seems to be a good history of this for me at PHL!),
and the TSA line moved efficiently. The walk down to gate F31 was a bit long, but the concourse was
clean and pleasant enough, and there were decent options for an AM snack along the way. Flight boarded
on time and departed right on the minute at 0750, taxi out was quick and tower cut us into the conga line
for 27L which was welcome. Uneventful hourlong flight, although damn uncomfortable in every respect
(normal for the early series CRJ's). Cabin service was quick, polite and friendly, and the captain made
several progress announcements as the trip progressed. Landed at a rainy and gray CMH, but bags
were up on the carousel faster than I could walk there from the gate!

US3418/EMB-170/N805MD (best I could read the reg)/Republic Airways
Departed the hotel at 0710, turned in the rental and checked in at 0740. CMH is quick, clean and efficient
and VERY user friendly. TSA line was 2 of 4 lanes running, but not overstaffed (as I've seen STL at times)
and moving at a reasonable pace. Grabbed a bite, took a few pictures with the p&s, assured the plainclothes
TSA guy (who ID'd himself and was very friendly) that the pics were just of jets and only for me, and waited
for the ride to arrive. Full jet, but that didn't stop the 170 from doing its usual impression of a homesick angel
right off the pavement. Smooth flying, quiet and comfortable cabin, friendly service and 46 minutes later we
touched down softly on Philly's 9R. Bags came up on the carousel about 20 minutes after block in, which was
perfect for a quick pit stop and a leisurely walk to baggage claim. Gate to my car in the economy lot at PHL
was not more than about 30 minutes, and parking cost $22 for two days. I have to admit, having flown 6 legs
now aboard the 170/175, this little hot rod is fast becoming my favorite "large" regional jet!

All in all, a good trip. I've started flying US Airways more and more out of STL in the last few years (about a 3:1
trip ratio, US to SWA), and have to admit that both mainline and express have impressed me with their service.
In this case, I shopped by schedule (as both US and SWA were priced similarly for the PHL-CMH route), which
US won with 5 choices per day. Despite the fact that both of these flights were on express affiliates, the crews
and ground employees were VERY professional, courteous, efficient and customer oriented on both travel days.

I'm going to continue to fly US as often as circumstances allow... They've definitely earned my loyalty over the
last 3 years!