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Thread: Here's one way to leave an airshow...

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    Here's one way to leave an airshow...

    Here's the vid I shot leaving Jones Beach on Sunday. As you could see we told the onlookers to stand back at least 50ft. They didn't listen. I apologize for takin my time to put it up, was waiting for a friend to edit the vid! Enjoy.

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    Re: Here's one way to leave an airshow...

    Thats what they get, lol. << Photography Collection << Jones Beach Airshow Information (Updates continue in November)

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    Re: Here's one way to leave an airshow...

    Similar situation at LGA Kids Day a couple years ago...they pushed everyone back at least 100 feet and the tarmac was relatively clean, but the Pave Hawk still gave everyone a nice faceful of wind and pebbles.
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    Re: Here's one way to leave an airshow...

    Nothing like a little rotorwash to get the blood pumping and hair flying.


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