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Thread: JFK-ATL on Delta 772LR B. Elite

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    JFK-ATL on Delta 772LR B. Elite

    I saw a "deal" on from JFK-ATL on the 777 LR, on June 4th, I dont know any other day which they use this plane on this route. F class tickets are selling for about $450, for a one way ticket

    Do you guys think its worth it, I personally just want to try out the 777LR F product, without paying the hefty cost of an international flight
    Not to mention the miles I will also receive (Not many but still..)

    Anyone ever do this route in F? How is it? Is it worth it? Just wondering will I also have access to the lounge at JFK?


    PS. Anyone wanna join?

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    Re: JFK-ATL on Delta 772LR B. Elite

    I guess weither it's worth it depends on how bad you wish to go & if you have the funds.
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