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Thread: "A" Team movie

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    "A" Team movie

    Mr T isn't happy that The A-Team is being remade for the big screen.

    The hit US show, about a group of military veterans fighting off evil tyrants, ran for five seasons in the 1980s.

    Mr T, 56, who played BA Baracus, doesn't think the new cast will be able to recreate the magic.

    'I pity the fools who try to remake The A-Team,' he tells Now.

    'You canít duplicate a Rembrandt. Whoever plays me has some tough shoes to fill. But itís more than being tough Ė itís my charisma and everything. Iíll let my fans judge the movie.'

    Mr T, real name Laurence Tureaud, thinks the cult series still stands the test of time.

    'Iím addicted to watching reruns of The A-Team,' he adds.

    The A-Team movie is due for release in 2010. ... -a-team/1/
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    Re: "A" Team movie

    There is only one Hannibal in my book! "I love when a plan comes together!"


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