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Thread: Soon to be an LGA Memory

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    Soon to be an LGA Memory

    Hey Guys,

    I posted this on my facebook account and it seemed to be popular with my aviation friends. I know some of you from here commented on it, but I figured the others that I'm not facebook friends with would enjoy seeing a view that will sadly not be with us for much longer.


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    Re: Soon to be an LGA Memory

    Wow great idea and capture :borat:
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    Re: Soon to be an LGA Memory

    now that the wx is getting warmer it's time to get a tripod and a pickup and make my way down to the AAL ramp for some night shots of that building. i only wish the FAA picked me up soon enough that i'd have been able to work there, but you can't win 'em all.

    matt, if you want to get together for some night-time rampside shooting let me know.
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