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Thread: Canon D50 Pricing

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    Canon D50 Pricing

    I was pricing Canon DSLR's and here's what I was presented with:

    D50 Kit
    18-55 IS Lens
    75-300 Lens
    8 GB CF
    100-400 IS/USM

    Think this is a good deal? I'm not that familiar with Canon products but am ready to change gear!

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    Re: Canon D50 Pricing

    If you're planning on getting the 100-400 you won't have much need for the 75-300, and personally if I were buying one I'd get something more versatile than the 18-55.

    A better deal would be the kit with the 28-135mm IS for $1399 at B&H.

    Costco has the same kit with a bonus 2GB card for $1349. You can find 8GB cards for $35-50 these days, and 16GB cards for $100.

    Also, $1459 is a good price for the 100-400.
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