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Thread: Continental 1033/1739 15 March LGA-IAH-SEA

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    Continental 1033/1739 15 March LGA-IAH-SEA

    Another Sunday, another trip--I have to learn to stop making meeting appointments for Mondays on the west coast .. but this one was unavoidable. So Sunday morning I am in the PC at LGA, having my coffee, after saying goodbye to Lauren - she went back to school yesterday as well. I did web checkin but planned on the PDA boarding pass this time, based on my last experience. As a backup I asked the kind lady at the PC to print me backup BPs and she did cheerfully.

    Off to security, phone in hand with the correct version of the electronic BP, and it worked!!! The TSA gives you a green card to use as a BP when you go through the detector. All went well-through in 5 minutes, and off to gate A3.

    The gate area was a little crowded, and as soon as the door opened before boarding, some guy who had been gabbing on the phone from the opposite gate all along picked up his bag and ran across the hall--obviously he HAD to be the first one on board, and didn't care who he had to push out of the way in order to do so....AND he was in F. The gate agent and I shared a knowing look as she scanned my phone and smiled at me while saying thank you....and on board, the FA was standing by the lav with a hangar, and took my coat before I even got to my seat!

    I settled into the seat, and of course, Mr. First On Board is now blocking the aisle (he's in row 1) stowing his stuff overhead while talking loudly on his phone. More about him a little later....boarding proceeded and the normal predeparture bevs were served.

    We closed up and actually left the gate a couple of minutes ahead of schedule--LGA had one runway closed, and although it usually means delays, there were none today-but there was the rare experience of taking off from RY 22--right over the Grand Central with an immediate left turn back practically overhead the airport. Unfortunately by the time we were near the city itself we were already in the clouds.

    Lunch orders were taken--chicken salad or hot beef sandwich--and again I had the salad with chicken chile soup (a first). While the service was fine as usual, the FA appeared to be going through the motions--just lacking the usual enthusiasm. I guess everyone has a bad day once in a while. Also of note, although this was a lunch flight, no wine was offered at all (perhaps because it departed before noon on a Sunday??).

    The flight was planned at 3:47, which is on the long side for LGA-IAH. About an hour before arrival, the captain advised of delays into IAH, and we eventually had to hold for a while before being slowly vectored in for the approach. Our friend Mr. First On Board decided to bother the flight attendant after EACH announcement to ask about his connection to the third time I could tell the FA was getting tired of him but at this point she just showed finesse and handled him gently but firmly.

    We finally landed about 30 minutes late, and of course on the remote runway with the LONGEST taxi to the gate. We pulled into C24 at about 2:30 local, and my departure was at 2:48 from C30, which unlike the assumed proximity is actually on the other side of the airport. I called the Elite desk while taxiing in, and the lady gave me the backup flight information and assured me the gate was aware I was coming. She wished me good luck and said just call back if it doesn't work out.

    Off the plane, I started running (actually power walking - too tired to run) to C30-past two moving sidewalks, and at every corner realizing I still had far to go. As I picked up speed puffing along, I saw a line at C30's podium with the door still open, but the agent at the podium was shaking her head no to a couple of customers. I walked around to the blue carpet, and the agent at the scanner said "Are you Art?" to which I said yes, and he said, "good-we've been waiting for you". WOW. I handed him my backup printed BP, said thank you and walked on board. I think we all know how this would have gone had it been ANOTHER carrier we all know.

    I was greeted by a cheerful FA, who smiled and said "Where HAVE you been?". I laughed and he said to relax, and again took my coat at the door. I made my way to my seat, settled in, and finally began to catch my breath. I actually had time to use the lav, which was absolutely necessary, and had a glass of juice as the gate agents came on board and brought 3 people up from coach (talk about battle field upgrades).

    Finally calm and rested, I settled in for a 5 hour flight. Again lunch was salad or sandwich, and I chose the sandwich this time (turkey on swiss). The soup was minestrone, and was actually pretty good. On this flight one FA was nicer than the other--a remarkable crew. They were all over the F cabin repeatedly, and one never wanted for anything. We actually got to chat a bit at one point, and it is clear that they all love what they do, and they all actually like management and think Larry is truly a special leader.

    The one issue on the flight had to do with the power ports in the seats on the 737-900ER. As most of you know, these birds have no IFE, as they are awaiting the installation of Live TV. I plugged in my laptop once airborne, and it kept shutting off......we tried to use other outlets, and even another row--the ladies behind me offered their outlet which did work for a DVD player, but to no avail. After another customer had a similar issue with a laptop, they recycled the power system a few times, but it never worked--if you plugged in the PC one way it shut off immediately--reverse the plug and it works for 15 seconds then shuts down.

    In any event, we made our way slowly to Seattle, which had some very strange weather--rain, hail, sleet, snow and sun all in one day. The approach was interesting, and we landed about 30 minutes late, but the important thing was I made it in time for my scheduled dinner, and am now here ready for the day's work!

    More to follow on the return!
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    Re: Continental 1033/1739 15 March LGA-IAH-SEA

    Welcome to Seattle. The weather here has been very strange this past weekend. In a five minute, four mile drive down the highway I went from mist to sun to rain to snow to sun. It's been very weird.


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