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Thread: Airspace Redesign in WIRED

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    Airspace Redesign in WIRED

    I wanted to point everyone in the direction of my article in Wired Magazine about the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign. I also wanted to offer my thanks-- the wealth of knowledge on these boards has been a big help over the long process of working on this story. Thank you! ... f_airspace

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    Re: Airspace Redesign in WIRED

    Great article, thanks for sharing it, Andrew.
    Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem.
    All four engines have stopped. We are doing our damnedest to get them under control.
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    Re: Airspace Redesign in WIRED

    The system is extremely safe—no commercial flight has been in a midair collision over the US in 22 years—but, because the Federal Aviation Administration treats each plane as if it were a 2,000-foot-tall, 6- by 6-mile block lumbering through the troposphere, New York is running out of air.
    Except that the problem isn't lack of air, it's lack of ground. The "antiquated" air traffic control system can deliver planes to airports faster than they can handle them (separation requirements, time to slow down and taxi off, etc.).
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