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Thread: Air China Cargo Hub in STL becoming Reality

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    Air China Cargo Hub in STL becoming Reality

    On the morning of Chinese New Year, the St. Louis region took another step in its bid to become China's gateway to the Midwest.

    Local business and government leaders met Monday with Chinese Ambassador Zhou Wenzhong in St. Louis and announced to a packed hotel conference room the creation of a Midwest China Hub Commission to steer development of an air cargo hub at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

    "It presents, we believe, a transformational opportunity," said Richard Fleming, president of the Regional Chamber & Growth Association. "For St. Louis. For the Midwest. And for China to serve a massive U.S. market."

    This will be quite huge for St. Louis the city, and the airport also! :shock: Many didn't believe this would happen, but in this downturn, we have an unused runway basically, which could handle the extra cargo load flights, lots of empty space to accomodate the offices, and if (really stretching it) this draws intl service passenger wise (which HAS been mentioned) god knows we have the gates for it at STL too.

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    Re: Air China Cargo Hub in STL becoming Reality

    Wow, great news for STL. I'm sure it will be nice seeing some 74s there again.
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