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Thread: Embraer Earns FAA Certification for Phenom 100

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    Embraer Earns FAA Certification for Phenom 100


    Embraer earns FAA certification for Phenom 100
    By John Croft
    Embraer has gained US Federal Aviation Administration certification for its $2.98 million four-passenger Phenom 100 entry level business jet just three days after earning Brazilian certification and less than 18 months after first flight.

    The company says customer deliveries from its Sao Jose dos Campos headquarters in Brazil will begin the week of 15 December, with perhaps 10 or more aircraft turnovers completed by year’s end. Embraer plans to build 200 or more Phenom 100s next year, with an associated sales price increase of 21% to $3.6 million in January.

    European certification is expected in the second quarter of 2009.
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    Re: Embraer Earns FAA Certification for Phenom 100

    Nice! I just read in BCA that they received Brazilian certification last month and were awaiting FAA approval. This is going to be good competition in the VLJ market. I have a feeling it will appeal more to non-pilot owners, but that's just my educated guess.

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