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Thread: TOL-DTW-YYZ Trip report

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    TOL-DTW-YYZ Trip report

    NW 3152

    Sched. Depart (gate): 5:00 PM
    Actual Depart (gate): 4:51 PM
    Sched. Depart (runway): 5:05 PM
    Actual Depart (runway): 5:01 PM

    Sched Arrival (gate): 5:52 PM
    Actual Arrival (gate): 5:34 PM
    Sched Arrival (runway): 5:27 PM
    Actual Arrival (runway): 5:15 PM

    Saab 340 N404XJ
    Sched. Seat: 1-D (exit row bulkhead)
    Actual seat: 1-D

    This was my first time flying out of Toledo and on the Saab 340. Due to some weather I didnít get into Toledo until 1630 for my 1700 PM departure. Even though I had an international destination this didnít seem to be a problem. I checked in within 2 minutes (only one in line at the time) and got my new boarding pass and headed to securityÖ. Only one in the security line and was through in 30 seconds! I was amazed at the speed I got through that airport. Toledo is a very small airport, only 6 gates (of which only 3, soon to be four are in use). Direct Air will start services out of gate 6, Allegiant air operates out of gate 5, American Eagle operates out of gate 3, and Northwest Airlink (Mesaba) operates out of gate 4. But anyway, got to the gate and sat down and then the same guy who checked me in was at the podium for boarding. I was first to board the Saab and took my spot in the best seat on the airplane, 1-D. It was a comfortable seat with a lot of legroom. We started up and did a taxi away from the gate, not a pushback. A quick taxi to runway 25 via taxiway Bravo and we were on our way. I was very surprised at the comfort and elegance of the Saab as it took off, very nice. It was quite bumpy the whole flight but even on the short flight of 14 minutes of airtime, I still got a can of Mountain Dew. Leveled off at 6,000 although it was bumpy there too. On approach into DTW we didnít break out of the clouds until that proving ground right next to the airport. Landed on 4L and took a LOOONG taxi to gate C16 (20 minutes). The captain made THE BEST landing I have ever been on, with any aircraft ever! Literally I could not tell we were on the ground until we hit some bumps in the pavement! It had to be like -10 fps! After the flight I took a peek inside the cockpit and talked to the pilots for a while. Overall a very enjoyable flight and a pleasant experience on an aircraft I had never flown before.

    NW 1814
    Sched. Depart (gate): 9:21 PM
    Actual Depart (gate): 9:35 PM
    Sched. Depart (runway): 9:37 PM
    Actual Depart (runway): 9:53 PM

    Sched Arrival (gate): 10:32 PM
    Actual Arrival (gate): 10:43 PM
    Sched Arrival (runway): 10:21 PM
    Actual Arrival (runway): 10:38 PM

    Embraer 175 N627CZ
    Sched. Seat: 5-D (coach bulkhead/curtain)
    Actual seat: 2-D (first class)
    Route: KDTW-YWT263-YWT-WTRL02-CYYZ

    After arriving at DTW I wandered the terminal and took pictures for a while. Finally around 7:30 I went to gate A51 to meet my incoming plane which had my friend who is a flight attendant for Compass on it. The plane, N627CZ, arrived on time to gate A51 and when he deplaned we went to go get some dinner and talk. After eating some McDonalds we made our way back to gate A51 and he talked to the agent and I boarded with the crew at about 8:00 PM. My friend gave me the grand tour of the E175 including arming and operating the doors (which on the E175 is quite different). We sat for a while and I talked to the pilots and the other flight attendants. I stayed with the pilots as they made their way to the cockpit and they ran through all the E175 systems with me. They let me sit and watch them go through their entire preflight and that was pretty sweet. Passengers started boarding but we had to wait for a Pinnacle pilot (who just got done emergency landing a CRJ without any flaps) and had to make the flight so they asked us to wait 15 minutes at max. The pilot was 1 minute away from the door closing. Anyway, after the door closed I took my seat in 2-D. The plane was fairly empty, only 5/12 in first and 17/64 in coach. We pushed back from A51. We were supposed to depart from 3L but ended up going all the way to 4R. We were number 4 for takeoff and after a short way we made our way into the air. The air was really bumpy up until cruise. But as soon as we got to cruise it was fairly smooth. With such a short flight time there wasnít a full service in coach, only a request like on the Saab. But in first before we departed everyone was offered drinks, and as soon as we got in the air everyone was offered drinks and snacks. I choose a couple of chewy bars and a mountain dew. Even though Compass is a new airline they served my mountain dew in a glass (real glass, not plastic) with the old Northwest logo on it. As we were approaching I was offered a 3rd drink but declined. The approach into Toronto was pretty smooth but you could see that it was spitting snow still. The captain (one of two captains on the flight by the way, Compass is short on first officers right now) planted it down firm but it wasnít bad. After a fairly long taxi we arrived at gate B17 at Toronto. I hung out in the plane until after the passengers departed and left with the crew (and the Pinnacle pilot who had the emergency) and we made our way to customs. After clearing Customs I had to go through immigration and talked to the same immigration officer that Stuart (my friend Iím spotting with in Toronto) talked to a couple hours earlier. So he already knew why I was here and we were talking about Detroit Spotters. The guy was pretty cool and finally I left to go get my luggage. After that I met up with Stuart and we headed to our hotel then walked (now at 11:30 PM) down to a 24 hour all-night aviation themed diner called Zets. Excellent food at a cheap price! Anyway, overall a great flight in first class and it was really cool having someone I know be one of my flight attendants.

    I must say, the Compass Embraers are VERY comfortable! Even in coach the all-leather seats are wonderful! Obviously the first class seats are even better. The plane seemed very spacious and it was only 5 months old. It is a really good plane in all ways. I am definitely looking forward to future flights on Compass!
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    Re: TOL-DTW-YYZ Trip report

    Saab 340 cockpit:

    Embraer 175:

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