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Thread: Vintage Helicopters at Intrepid Move...

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    I remember S-55 Sikorsky helicopters being used for transportation over NYC during the 50's and 60's. Used to go to Manhattan pier with my Uncle, who was a pilot, and my Dad to watch them take off and land. I fell in love with copters then. Was so happy to discover that Kermit Weeks, owner of Fantasy of Flight just bought the S-55 that made the first passenger / mail delivery in New York in July 1953. I watched the video of it arriving at his facility. It had been rotting in a aircraft museum's parking lot in Compton, California for years. Glad to see Mr. Weeks is going to restore, and hopefully get it flying again.

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    Welcome to the site! That is quite a necro-posting from a 4-year-old thread but I liked the vid.
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