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Thread: "Jet Man" Crosses English Channel

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    "Jet Man" Crosses English Channel

    "Jet Man" Crosses English Channel Like a Human Rocket
    Kate Ravilious in York, United Kingdom
    for National Geographic News
    September 26, 2008

    Yves Rossy, aka Jet Man, zoomed into the record books Friday, flying across the English Channel strapped to a single jet-powered wing, with only a helmet and flight suit for protection.

    The 22-mile (35-kilometer) France-to-England journey took 13 minutes.

    Bad weather had twice postponed the event this week. But Friday—with clear blue skies and a nice tailwind—turned out to be an ideal flight day for the Swiss airline pilot.

    Around 2 p.m., local time, Rossy leaped from a plane abound 8,200 feet (2,500 meters) above a beach near Calais. Within seconds he had opened his wing, fired up his four miniature jet turbines, and pointed his nose toward Britain. Cruising at speeds of over 125 miles (200 kilometers) an hour, Rossy steered by just moving his head and back. After a smooth crossing—followed by a few celebratory loops—Rossy opened his parachute system and floated down to a green field not far from the White Cliffs of Dover.
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    Re: "Jet Man" Crosses English Channel

    95.5 had sound bites from the crossing today. The best line from the annoucer was "Fly Fusion Man Fly!" I just about drove off the road laughing.


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