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Thread: JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

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    JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

    I decided to take advantage of the beautiful summer day and catch 3 special visitors. When I arrived at the mounds, the white curtain was gone and a another spotter was also there. During the 4 hours i stayed at the Mounds, we had 3 go arounds. The first one involved a Delta 763 being too high on final, the other two were B6 A320s that went around due to traffic on the runway. During these 3 go-arounds, they were using the VOR DME approach to runway 22L and departing 22R. Overall a great day of spotting and hope you enjoy.

    Finnaly normal with the black tail

    1st special of the day:

    Catch er while you can:

    2nd special of the day, Virgin in new colors, Hey where is Lady Penelope?:

    3rd special of the day:

    Glad to see some GA action:

    Note the special log that says Aerosvit in the official carrier Ukrainian National Olympic Team

    Air Jamaica also showing some support for their Olympic team

    Finnaly from Moscow
    Aspires to become an Air Traffic Controller at Kennedy Tower.

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    Re: JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

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    Re: JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

    Good catch on the Pullmantur...

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    Re: JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

    Nice catches, Luke.

    Incidentally Air Comet and Air Pullmantur have been operating to JFK every Wednesday and Thursday since the end of June. I thought it was only a two week charter flight but it seems like it has lasted. I can't tell when it will end since the flight doesn't show up on the schedules.

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    Re: JFK 8/21 Review (3 Specials inside, 12 pics)

    Nice pick up on Pullmantur,, I cought the Air Pulmantur 743 a few weeks ago
    Sergio has been a huge Delta Air Lines fan since 1992!!

    Sergio Cardona


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