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Thread: Skydiving over Calverton!!

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    Skydiving over Calverton!!

    So yesterday a few of my buddies and myself decided to go skydiving on a last minute decision b/c well we were bored.. but it was amazing.. first off climbing to 13,500 in a caravan was fun.. it only took about 10 min to climb that high.. then the door opens and you see the person infront of you drop like a brick and its your turn.. and from then on its the time of your life!!.. i paid a little extra just for the video and photos.. so here is my fav pics and the vid from the dive!

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    Re: Skydiving over Calverton!!

    Still doesn't beat standing behind a 747 on takeoff ;)

    Great vid. My brother did it last year with the same outfit. I still think about doing it from time to time but I should have done it before getting married.

    Then again.....

    to echo Moose, why jump out of a perfectly good aircraft?

    Glad you posted! Looks like you had a blast!
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    Re: Skydiving over Calverton!!

    :borat: SWEET! I would love to do that daily!!!! :borat:
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