JFK, is my field of dreams, I was a 5 year old spotter in South Ozone Park, back in '65, watching the last of the big props rumble in,and the first generation of jets scream,and smoke overhead, completely enthralled, I knew I had to be up there. Back in '94 as a freightdog captain, flying a DC3 I wended my way round the Canarsie approach on an 80 degree September night,dipping my wing over the old sod as we rounded the pivot turn for 13L. In '03 I was stationed there flying a 727 for the late,and lamented,ChampionAir, flying out to Cancun,and the Dominican, and living in a crash pad just minutes from the haunts of my youth. This friday I returned again in the cockpit of a straight wing Citation,and it was sheer joy,unadulterated bliss,to once again touch down on homeplate ,taxi in to the GAT ,and hang out for two hours just spotting,admiring the classic lines of the Evergreen 747-200, that followed us onto 22L, enjoying the chest shaking hummmm of a KLM 744 charging off of 13R,and watching the constant curving descents of all and sundry, flying the Canarsie arrival.Later that night, we joined an eclectic lineup for 22R,a DHL A300-600F ,bright yellow and bound for Ohio, A Connie 742 heading cross the pond, a Lan Chile 767-300 going south aways,and a little Beech 400 behind us heading to ROC.when our turn came, following a JetBlue a320, we leapt aloft consuming very little concrete,and the high ,thin whine of our PW545A's was a serenade,a love song accenting our climbout over Breezy Point,God's grace I will be back soon, to my alma mater, my field of dreams.