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Thread: $6-a-month raise ends Nike strike in Vietnam

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    $6-a-month raise ends Nike strike in Vietnam

    BEN LUC, Vietnam — A two-day strike at a Vietnamese factory that makes Nike sneakers has ended, but the plant remained closed today as workers returned and violence erupted, a union official said.

    About 17,000 of the Ching Luh plant's 21,000 employees reported to work this morning after the labor union and management of the Taiwanese-owned plant reached an agreement to increase monthly wages by 100,000 dong ($6) amid record-high inflation, said Pham Thi Lap, head of the labor union of southern Long An province in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, where the plant is located.

    Consumer prices in Vietnam are 19 percent higher than they were a year ago, according to government figures. Hanoi responded in January by increasing the minimum wage foreign-owned companies are required to pay by roughly 13 percent. ... 67678.html
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    Re: $6-a-month raise ends Nike strike in Vietnam

    $100,000 dong! WOW!!!!

    Hey, its still cheaper than making them in the US!
    nwa FOREVER!


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